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Social Media & Marketing

Events & Professional Development

Chair: Jamie Cummings
The goal of this committee is to plan the following for NAWIC OKC
· Socials
· Luncheons
· Jobsite Tours
· Golf Tournament
· Anniversary Party
· Christmas Party
· WIC Week (planning session 11/8 2-3pm NAWIC Website)
Time commitment: This committee must meet in person or virtually as often as necessary to complete the planning for all the events.
This committee must work side by side with all other committees. Ideally these committees would meet in person or virtually several times to finalize the yearly calendar.


Community Outreach/Emerging Professionals

Chair: Jamie Cummings
The goal of this committee is to organize the following and work with Events & Social Media/ Marketing
· Block Kids – January Event
· Design Drafting – We have historically not been able to participate in Design Drafting – our goal would be to start participating in this competition as well.
· Scholarships - help create the name and criteria for the scholarships we are planning to give. Keep track of submission dates. They will discuss which schools are eligible, requirements for applicants, and contact the schools to let them know about the scholarship.
· Emerging Professionals – This “subcommittee” will help coordinate any activities involving students in a construction related field. This may include speaking to classes, helping organize attendance of NAWIC at career fairs and/or trade shows,etc.
· Organize volunteer events
Time commitment: This committee must meet virtually or in person to finalize the scholarship information to be presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. After that, they must meet as necessary for any outreach events.



Chair: Catherine Hagler

The goal of this committee is to work with Membership and find candidates that are interested in serving on the Board of Directors next year.


Plan and organize voting


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