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Closing WIC WEEK Event - Ned's Starlight Lounge

Good afternoon ladies,

Tomorrow evening is our last event for our WIC Week. Neds' Starlight Lounge has been gracious enough to allow us on Friday evening to come to their place for this charity event that we have asked for. It will be great food, drinks and bring your families to make it a family nite out!

You might wear your NAWIC Badge, and our WIC Week pins, so that they will know that you are coming for this event, but they will have a lists of our names in the event you did not bring yours.

Let's end the week with a total commitment from our Chapter!!

March 8th - Ned's Starlight Lounge, 7301 N. May Ave., 5:00-7:00pm and family is welcomed. - Proceeds will be given to a charity of our choice at a later date!

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